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Creation and display technology for interactive 3D content through an internet-browser (3D-Web sites, presentation, etc).
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VR Core
Client-server creation and display technology for multi-user virtual worlds (social worlds, MMORPG).
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VR Doo
Client-server creation and display technology for multi-user online games with 2.5D interface (client - Adobe Flash and EnterNetica 3D-Web).
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 Leaving the plane  LAVA-Online Launch

EnterNetica Design has launched a promo-site devoted to 3D-Web technology. This colorful resource represents a demo virtual world filled with animation, sounds and video.
LAVA-Online is a new multi-user interface browser game built on EnterNetica VR Doo that has been launched. The game is set in a world transformed by global disaster, three years after the fatal summer of 2012 when the Yellowstone super-volcano erupted and Africa became one of the few suitable places for life on the planet. The main character is a refugee trying to survive this post-apocalyptic reality. The player is submerged in a world where he has to join the remains of human race in a fight for survival and resurrection of Civilization.
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